Thai Language (Beginners) 2017 

Group Sessions - Mondays : 7pm to 9pm
Enrolment Date  
   2   January 2017
   6    February 2017
   6   March 2017
    3   April 2017
    1   May 2017
    5    June 2017
    3   July 2017
    7   August 2017
    4    September 2017
     2   October 2017
     6   November 2017
     4  December 2017

Did you know the Thai language has 44 consonants and 21 vowels? Don't let that put you off though - we are here to help!

The friendly monks and members of our congregation welcome anybody who has an interest in learning Thai. We have teachers here with a wealth of experience in teaching Thai to westerners; indeed some of our past students have progressed to complete a Degree in Thai at University level.

Our group sessions cater to complete beginners and will walk you slowly through the basics until you gain enough knowledge to read, write and speak Thai with confidence! If you already have some knowledge of Thai, please feel free to share or call the Temple to arrange private 1:1 sessions that can cater directly to your level.

Please contact us to find out more and check for availability of spaces in our lessons.

01543 472 315